Gmail Exchange in iOS: Does the Trash Icon Delete or Archive?

Does the iPhone Gmail Exchange Trash icon Delete or Archive?I changed one of my gmail (Apps for Your Domain) accounts from the standard iOS gmail setup to an Exchange service. I did this primarily for push calendar syncing, but I noticed that following the change the iOS Mail app appeared different in subtle ways. In particular, the Archive icon was gone from my iPhone toolbar, replaced with a Trash icon. So, does the Trash icon Delete or Archive?

After digging for far too long, I excavated the table below from the depths of the Google support site. (Spoiler: It Archives.)

Action on mobile device/client (e.g. iPhone/Outlook) Result in Gmail on the web
Open a message Mark a message as read
Move message to Starred Apply a star to the message
Move a message to a folder Apply a label to the message
Move a message to Spam Report a message as spam
Move a message to Trash Message will be archived.
Send a message Store message in Sent Mail
Delete a message in inbox Move that message to Archive
Delete a message from a folder Remove that label from the message
Delete a message from [All Mail] Move the message to Trash
Delete a message from Spam or Trash Delete the message permanently



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    You can now configure this behavior for Exchange-synced Gmail. Go to on your iOS device, tap the device in the list, and you’ll see the option ‘Enable “Delete Email As Trash” for this device’. Default is off, meaning the trash button archives.

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